Qualities to possess to become a high-end escort

A high-end escort is an expert companion who offers services to sophisticated men in search of a girl who has more to offer than just a pretty face.

Elite escorts are real companions who offer psychological support, emotional intimacy alongside mental stimulation. Asides from the fact that high-end escorts dress in a professional manner and look amazing, they are also interested in a host of things like wining and dining.

But the truth is; not everyone can be a high-end escort as there are a few essential qualities you must have.

If you are looking to get into this line of business, below are a few of the essential qualities you should have.

Overall good looks

The escorting industry is similar to the modeling industry because it is still dependent on your image. For this reason, it is crucial you have a pretty face alongside flawless complexion as well as a timeless beauty.

Similar to models, you are required to be a blank canvas to offer what the clients desire to some extent. Tattoos are not advisable, and you need your hairstyle to be well-kept.

When it has to do with your overall look, you should avoid having too much cosmetic surgery done as natural beauty remains quite commanding.

Physique and Lifestyle

Asides from having a beautiful look, you need to be excellent physically. This is not to stipulate that there is a specific height or body type that works, but irrespective of the kind of body and height you have, you need to be in excellent physical condition.

You need to continue eating healthy and choosing your meals with care. Being in this area of escorting means you can’t have a lazy lifestyle or be lazy with your diet. Taking great care of yourself is crucial.


Traditional schooling education seems conventional for high-level escorts, but it is quite respected and categorized as a requirement to prove your capacity to have an achievement in your youth.

What is more, there is a more organic form of life education which consists of opera, travel, conversation, art, music, interaction among others.

A great high-end escort requires a combination of both kinds of education.

Great Style

In the social climate of today, this is a crucial factor. It can be tempting to display your shape and show your flesh, but in the high society, this is not acceptable.

An elite escort needs to safeguard her image by deciding to wear the classic and modest styles of dressing. The aim is to be sophisticated, inconspicuous and elegant but never getting attention for the wrong reasons.


Elite escorts make a lot of cash and would make a great line of business for anyone with style and class looking to take advantage of it. If you have some of the skills above or all of them, then you would be able to fit into this business properly.

Questions to ask before becoming a part of an escort agency

In the difficult economy today, it can be quite tedious to work as an independent escort especially if you are a newbie to the industry. Agencies can be helpful to escorts by offering them a steady schedule that will bring them the income they desire to amass for themselves and families. But not all agencies are not as great as they claim.

Lots of agencies are developed with the sole aim of cheating escorts by asking them to audition for positions, non-payment tactics and a host of other unsavory activities

As you are on the lookout for an escort agency to aid in boosting your career, you can stay away from the fraudulent ones by asking the appropriate questions. It is crucial that you about problems that are important to you to ensure the agency suits your style of escorting.

When deciding to search for an agency to work alongside, below are a few of the questions you can ask:

What is your pay structure?

Asking about this goes beyond just asking about their hourly rates. You need to ask if they have a minimum booking time because it aids in ensuring lucrative compensation. You can also go further and ask about special requests that require special tools or talents. Find out the percentage you stand to earn from hourly rates.

A few agencies may add a driver and other safety measures for their cut, request how the agency deals with their escorts. This could be as regards other work necessities. Do you have to buy the supplies from your earnings?

Lastly, ask about the method of payment. If the agency insists that it would take care of all payment arrangement, it would be a good idea to look for another prospect. Agencies that withhold payments from escorts often make cuts to payments or make cuts. A reputable agency will ensure an escort gets her rates immediately she brings her earnings to the office.


Agencies deal with scheduling differently. If you are the kind of escort who loves setting her program, you will have to search for an agency that offers that leverage. Lots of agencies place escorts on rotating schedules with the leading escorts getting the best shifts.

Reputable agencies know how crucial it is for escorts to have some time off work to rejuvenate, but others push their girls into exhaustion by scheduling them with appointments daily without rest. Ask about the policies of the agency about extended policies and time off.

Background of the Agency

Learning about the background of the agency can aid in helping you decide if you should sign with them as an independent contractor. Ask the length of time the agency has been existing and if there have been changes to its initial name.

The longer the agency has been in existence, the more reputation it is likely to have. New agencies are not bad, but they can’t depend on their histories to prove it.

Questions to ask yourself before you hire an escort

Hiring an escort is legal in most countries; however there should be a few questions you can ask before you hire. Escorts are hired to offer company. The first question to ask yourself would be dependent on what you require an escort for. The services they provide range from keeping Individuals Company, going with them to events and sex. 

Before you begin asking an agency questions, you should ask yourself some questions. Ideally, you should first ask yourself if you have the motive and means to hire an escort.

Ask yourself all questions that come to mind, and once you are satisfied with the answers, you can then move on to escorting.

Is it Safe to hire an escort?

Safety should be your priority. You need to take all the precautions possible. Ideally, you should do extensive research before you hire an escort from any agency to ensure your emotional, physical and sexual well-being.

Would you come in contact with sexually transmitted infections or diseases? Would the escort rob you? These are some of the most critical questions to ask yourself.

Would they have the required skills for the service I need?

If you desire to hire an escort to head to a specific event with you, then you may want to ask yourself the following:

  • Would he/she have the capacity to interact fluently in the required language?
  • Would he/she be knowledgeable in the numerous conversation topics likely to come up at the event?
  • Would they have the capacity to keep up with a conversation themselves?
  • Would they have the appropriate sense of decorum and etiquette?

It is probably a great idea to state your requirement with the agency and request that they provide you with an escort that would be able to meet all your needs.

Would the escort maintain confidentiality and be discrete?

If you don’t want your activities everywhere in public, this may be a question that might come through your mind.

Usually, escort agencies give priority to discretion and ensure their clientele is private.

But if you are seriously bothered about getting discovered, then you could equally get the agency and the escort of your choice to sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.

Would they have the experience?

Various kinds of services need a diverse skill set. So this is a question you would naturally ask yourself about the escort you are deciding to hire. Would they have the capacity to render the service perfectly and not offer a substandard service?

Would they be able to adapt to your preferences?

This would also be dependent on the sort of services you need rendering. Expertise is also reliant on experience at times, which would bring you back to what you prefer once more.


Hiring an escort does not have to be difficult especially when you know what you are searching for. The questions above are a few you should ask yourself before you hire an escort to ensure you have a seamless experience.